5 Most Common Reasons For A Bug Out Bag 2017

Posted by Patrick Allen on

Your sitting at home watching TV on a Sunday or driving home from your job on your nightly commute. Everyone is piling in the car to go eat dinner. The list goes on. You could be anywhere, in any place, any time and disaster can strike. These are the 5 most common reasons you would need a Bug Out Bag Survival Kit.

1. Natural Disaster - There is no place in the country that is really "exempt" from natural disasters. Tornadoes, Hurricane, Wilde fires, Floods, and more. A natural disaster is sometimes 5 minutes away from hitting our lives, until we even know it is there! Its important to have your survival gear close and in a few spots in case of a natural disaster. 

2. Terrorist Attack - Terrorist attacks can happen with just a few people or even a group or lone aggressor. Terrorists can target , schools, neighborhoods, office buildings. Make sure you have the right supplies in case of a terrorist attack.

3. WWIII - A lot of people today think we are on the brink of World War 3. Korea has nukes, so does Russia and plenty of other scary countries. Our world political climate is shifting. Its not completely a farce to think you would need a bug out bag survival kit in case of a another World War.

4. Depression/Recession - A financial collapse could come with a few stokes of a few pens. Our Government is known for making BAD decisions with our money that they so kindly tell them us are going to give them and how much. A lot of times we do not even seeing the collapse coming. In fact their was a whole movie called called "The Big Short" about a few men who had a hunch and bet on the fall of the American housing market. And it went overnight. IN some of those cases, people are left jobless, homeless and with out a lot. You never know when you might just need to grab a pack to survive a few nights.

5. Civil Unrest - Probably the most likely to happen would be some internal American civil unrest. We have seen rioting on the streets. People dressed in all black destroying things for no reason. It our newest president does too many more things in the face of the left, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few neighborhoods turn. If you decide to take your kids out of school you can get arrested and your kids taken away in some states. Its not a bad idea to be ready to go when it is time to go.