I want to be prepared, but I want to become a crazy prepper.

Posted by Caroline Field on

A lot of people think of anyone talking survival kits or prepping of any kind and think the person must have a tin foil hat collection at home. The truth is Government agencies recommend that all family's have a survival kit or bug out bag ready to go in case of an emergency. 

You can let your secret pepper out of the closet, at least for a minute to consider a few points that are noteworthy. 

Has prepping ever crossed your mind? Curious where to start? Here is a launching point for any beginner or person who just wants to learn the art of prepping. First, learn the rule of three.  Your best chance at survival and not dying is to learn the rule of three.

You will not live without -

1 - 3 minutes without air

2 - 3 hours without shelter

3 - 3 days without water

4 - 3 weeks without food

Here are some places to begin prioritizing. First, learn how to make fire with nothing but a knife. Learn how to make crude shelters. Learn how to pull water out of thin air, whether it be trees, humidity or other ways. .Learn how to snare or trap small animals, then learn about skinning them. We will be putting out tutorials on all of these things but until then, learn them where you can. The reality of it is this, the more you know, the less you need to carry in your bug out bag survival kit. But that takes time to learn. It is recommended that every family has a survival backpack or survival kit. There are grants and other means to educate the public on the purpose and point of having a reliable survival kit. Just remember the rule of 3. Until then, make sure you pack has everything you would need to cover these 3 for the people you are responsible for.