Surviving A Homeland War

Posted by Patrick Allen on

A homeland war sounds incredibly unlikely to happen in the United States. We are the most advanced society in the world right? Wrong and wrong. History repeats itself. With this latest 2016 election, we saw how turbulent our environment is. Our culture is shifting. War could happen on our soil. Whether it's a civil war and some kind of small invasion. There is a reason our military is at the ready around the world at any given time. We have Colonels waiting at command to execute a nuclear winter. We spend trillions of dollars for surival and protection as a country. I think its a good idea to spend at least a few hundred dollars and bug out bag that will take you to a safe place in case of an emergency.

For under $500 you can have all of the items you need at your fingertips to survive a few days. The few basics that are most important. Food, water and shelter. You need some kind of nutrition or calories. A few little nit of water and a water filtration tool of some kind. I prefer the water bottles. In a hurry you can fill and drink. If you need to store more water, you can squirt the water out of the bottle and fill what you need. Water is of the utmost. And having at least one food bar with you is essential. 

The key to surviving a homeland war if you are not going to partake, is to get to a remote location or get far away from the activity. Sometimes it nos as easy as jumping on a highway. The more mobile you are, the better off you will be. Having a pre-packed survival kit ready to go is the quickest way to get out of dodge in case of an emergency. Have you seen the movie Red Dawn? Those guys had not time at all! While Hollywood creates fiction, real life is much quicker than the movies. SO if you think they acted quickly, in real life, it happens much faster. 

Grab you pack, maybe your car or a friends or an abandoned vehicle. Walk, hike or run if you need to. Carrying a pack will give you options. Stay covered and alert. Find others who share in you values and team up and get to safety! And if you own, never forget your gun!